Monday, 30 September 2013

Kardashian Beauty

I was in Myer today and noticed that they had bought in the Kardashian Beauty collection which is called Khroma and I have to say - I'm not impressed. I think I'm quite easily impressed and it just didn't seem like anything particularly special. The packaging was plain and there wasn't a big variety. I'm not entirely sure if they had the whole collection but I didn't see any lipsticks in the form of a lipstick. They had those weird crayon retractable things that I like for eyeliner but not for lips. I also don't wear lipgloss because I don't like the stickiness. The eyeshadow seems okay but I don't think I would bother with the rest. I didn't buy anything and I'm just not entirely sure if I will.

What do you think about Kardashian make-up? Or are there any great products in the collection that you would recommend?


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Wednesday, 25 September 2013 shipping for American beauty products?

So I've decided that I think I might do a big-ish order from Walmart or CVS or something like that and use the service but I'm not really sure about it. I've never used it and I haven't known anyone who has used it but I really want to get some things that you can't actually buy here and maybe some things from Sephora as well.

Do you recommend this service?  Is it too expensive or unreliable?

What products would you recommend I try?

I've wanted to do this for a long time and I think I might do it next time I get paid. So feedback would be lovely as I'm not really sure about the MyUs service.

One of the products I do want to try is the Covergirl Smoochies!


Sunday, 22 September 2013

Maybelline, Revlon & Priceline!

Good afternoon!

Today I went into Priceline to buy a foundation brush as I found that whenever I use a sponge I break out really bad so I've actually been using my hands which I find doesn't provide the greatest amount of coverage for me. I don't know if I just wasn't putting enough on but I did want a brush for a nicer finish anyway. 

ImageSo I invested in the Revlon Foundation Brush. It was on sale so I bought it for around $10 which is quite good considering normally it's $14. I haven't used it yet so I don't have an opinion on it but I was wondering if anybody owns any Revlon brushes and are they any good? 

ImageAnother thing I bought today was the Maybelline Baby Lips Berry Crush tinted lip balm thing. I put this on in the car on the way home because I was really excited to try it and I must admit I did think it would have more colour. I like it but I don't love it but it will be nice when I don't want to wear lipstick but I do want to add colour to my lips so it's nice for that even if it's just a tiny bit.

Also while I was in my room today I realised that... I have 3 $5 off gift vouchers for October. So every time I spend $35 or more in store I will get $5 off which excites me a little bit. So I was wondering if there was any products you think I should try? I do live in Australia so make up can be a little bit limited but there are always a few stores to try for products and online so let me know in the comments!  



Friday, 20 September 2013

Clean & Clear | Skincare Products!

I haven't used a lot of different skincare brands in my time but out of the ones I have used Clean & Clear is my favourite. So these are the products I have been using lately and how well they work!



Deep Action Daily Scrub
This is the one product that my face is literally in love with. I have used it for the past two years and it actually can work by itself. When I used it without anything else I only break out when I'm y'know, menstruating. It's really nice on the skin and not too rough which is great. It works so well and makes my skin so soft.
It costs $9.99 which is pretty good I think most scrubs are around that much when they're from the grocery store so it's pretty good.

Essentials Oil-Control Toner
I use this twice a day, as soon as I wake up and after my shower at night. It does have alcohol in it which my sister says is something you probably shouldn't put on your face but I mean, I put it in my body so why can't I put it on my face? (That is horrible logic, by the way.) I probably wouldn't recommend it for sensitive skin though, I would recommend an alcohol free toner. This product is really good. It removes any excess oil and makes my skin feel very clean and smooth. I do moisturise straight after using this product otherwise I find my skin gets very dry. 
It costs $6.49 AUD.

Morning Burst Skin Brightening Facial Scrub
I got this product free as a gift when I re-purchased my daily scrub from Priceline. I don't use it all the time but when I do it is really good. It has lots of beads in it which are quite hard and rough so it is definitely not for sensitive skin. What I find kind of weird about this product is that it does have caffeine in it, I'm not sure what that is supposed to do for the skin but if anybody knows, tell me! It does make my skin feel very smooth and clean. I also love scrubbing it on my face because I think it feels quite nice. I generally use this if I'm planning to be out all day so that when I sweat (because it's hot where I live most of the time ) my skin doesn't get too oily. 
It costs $10.99. 

So all-in-all I do love these products.
What is your favourite skincare brand and are there any products from any brand that you would recommend I try? A product I am thinking about trying is the Milk & Co Light Moisturiser - Have you used it and is it any good?

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Covergirl | Clump Crusher Mascara + Thoughts on Smoochies?

I know this product has been reviewed and recommended by so many people on the internet and I know that not everybody likes it but... I absolutely love it. It is so easy to apply because it has a thin applicator so I'm generally less likely to stab myself in the eye which I'm quite prone to doing. Every single time I have applied it, is has been completely clump free and doesn't make my eyelashes feel heavy and kind of like straw which is always good because I can't stand the straw-eyelash feeling.


I've always been a fan of Covergirl because of it's quality and affordability. I think at one point all of the make up I had was Covergirl and that was it. I think it's a great brand and I'm really looking forward to the *HOPEFULLY* release of the smoochies. I was reading their Australian Facebook page and a person from the actual page said that the smoochies were on their way so I'm thinking it's a Summer release like they did in the US and other Northern Hemispherey places.

Do you like the smoochies and are they worth purchasing?

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Bourjois | Eyeshadow, Blush & Primer!

Recently, Priceline opened at my local mall which was really exciting because they sell Bourjois! I've never seen Bourjois in real life so when they had their sale I HAD to buy something. I ended up buying the $28 Smoky Eye Trio Eye Shadow in Rose Vintage. These eye shadows are absolutely gorgeous and well worth the price. They are easily applied onto the eye and are very colourful.


With my purchase I received two free gifts inside a cute container that is the shape of a can. Inside the can I got the Flower Perfection Translucent Smoothing Primer and the Little Round Pot Blush in Rose D'or.


The blush is my favourite out of the two free products. It smells like a floral candy and is super easily applied and very pigmented. A slight dab with my blush brush and a few strokes on my cheek and I have a slightly flushed cheek. It is a very pretty blush and it smells great. The primer is nice as well although I haven't really owned very many primers in my lifetime so I don't really have that much of a review on it. Except it feels really nice. I just kind of like touching it.


The reason I haven't purchased Bourjois before is because I don't like to buy cosmetics online because I just get very paranoid that the product will be damaged or used. I know that it's kind of limiting the brands in which I can purchase but y'know, paranoia wins. So far though, I love Bourjois. The products that I have are such high quality considering they're technically "drugstore/pharmacy" brands. Although I'm all about the pharmacy brands. I just wish they had a bigger range at my local Priceline.