Sunday, 20 October 2013

Weekend Holiday Haul! | Gold Coast

This weekend, my family, my mums best friend and I all went to stay at the Hilton hotel on the Gold Coast for the weekend. It was so amazing, I loved it. I spent a bit of time shopping, obviously. I wasn't planning on getting anything from Priceline but they had a few things in the Gold Coast stores that they don't in my local stores so I mean, I had to get some things. I'm going to do a blog post about the whole weekend as well which will posted in a few days but this is some of the things I managed to pick up whilst away.


The first thing I got was actually for free. It is the NP set eyeshadow/blush/bronzer palette. There was a deal at some Westfield Mall which is on the Gold Coast but not at Surfers Paradise which was if you spent $80 in any fashion/beauty/accessory retailer you got a free palette. I needed to buy a new shirt and some pants so I got this palette for free and it's really great! It's the day-to-night palette. Each colour is wearable on it's own - I tried a lot of them out while I was in the hotel. It's $29 in store which is an okay price but I would highly recommend this palette it's just lovely.

On the Saturday my mums friend and I went into Pacific Fair (the monorail was closed so that disappointed me) to look for a Priceline because she lives in New Zealand and she has never been able to find Bourjois there! So we went into the Priceline and I had a look around and found a few things that I did want so I bought them. I got the one by one Maybelline Mascara which I have wanted for a little while and it is really good. It's design is to apply the mascara onto each lash "one-by-one" and I really think it does. It's easy to use and has a nice formula. Mine is in Brownish Black (which was an accident but it's still black). The other thing I saw was the L'oreal Colour Riche Intense lipstick -  I am addicted to lipsticks - and I found the colour 371 Pink Passion which I immediately fell in love with. It's a orangey pink which is very similar to another product I own but I do think the formula is better and it is worth the $20ish I paid for it.

The last stop was Big W where I picked up the Rimmel Scandaleyes Sparkly Black Kohl Eyeliner and the Rimmel soft Kohl eyeliner. They were both on sale for around $6 each! I needed a new Eyeliner because my Australis one was hurting my eye. I have been loving Rimmel products lately so I'm very excited that they were so cheap! The last thing I picked up at Big W was the BOE (it's like a $2 make-up range) Liquid Liner because the lady who worked there said the applicator is quite firm so it's a lot easier than other liquid liners. I picked it up because it's y'know, $2 so either way I won't lose.

I'm really happy with what I bought, I've tried a few of the products and will be doing reviews and things so I will keep you up to date! Are you excited about any new products you've bought lately?

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