Saturday, 9 November 2013

University Stationery Wishlist! | Typo & Kikki.K

As you may or may not know, next year will be my first year of University. I'm really excited because stationery is one of my favourite things to buy! So I've put together a little wishlist/things I'll buy between now and Feburary when I start! 


The first thing is a yearly wall planner
I really like these so that I can write down important dates for things like exams and assignments. It's a lot easier when you can see the entire month so that you know when you should start something and how long you have to do it. Especially because my course is a double degree so I'll have a lot of work to do!
This one costs $24.95 and is a white board. 


2014 A6 Weekly Diary
Just a cute A6 diary that costs $24.95. As you may notice, when it comes to school work organisation is my main priority. As soon as I'm not organised, I freak out. This diary I've seen in there for a while and I think it's really adorable.

A6 Buffalo Journal
At the start of the school year I always buy at least 3 of these! They're good for writing lists down in and are light and easy to carry around. They're also really pretty.

Magazine Holder: Card

Magazine Holder
I really like to get a magazine holder for each unit that I'm doing so for next year it will be 4 or 5 classes. I use them for extra notes and assessment guides to put on my desk. They're really good for staying organised and on top of your workload! These ones are $12.95 each.


Rainbow Gel Pen 10pk
Pens! Obviously. I like to write all my notes in different colours for different sections so that when I'm looking over my notes for exams and assignments it's more fun and easier to read. I also buy just plain blue black and red pens for exams. 

For notes I just buy Spirax Lecture books and Marbig Display books from Big W to store any loose paper that I need for class. I also just buy a standard 5 pack of highlighters.

So that is my stationery wishlist/buy list thing. There are a few other things I'll pick up as well - I'm a sucker for stationery - but these are the main things on my priority list right now. I'll probably get a few of these for Christmas because they are on the pricey side.

Are you at Uni? Is there anything else I could use to stay organised?
What are you studying? 

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