Thursday, 13 February 2014

A Week of Change

Things have been changing so fast for me. Last month I was accepted into my first choice University and degree which was so exciting but now it seems everything is going so fast paced! On Monday I had a job interview at a Cafe at my university and the lady hired me during the interview - which I didn't think happened in real life haha - and because it's a university job it pays well above minimum wage. I'm so excited things are moving so fast which is the way I like it and to top it all off my sister had her baby! She is such a beautiful baby girl - I didn't think it was possible to love somebody so much when  I've only known them for a day and a half!

Her name is Kayleigh and she was born 7'12 pounds (I don't understand why Australia uses kgs for everything except babies though.) I'm very excited to be an aunty it's so crazy. The rest of this post is just going to be a photo montage of her because she's so gorgeous.

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