Friday, 28 February 2014

O Week Chaos

As you may or may not know (depends on where you live in the world I suppose) this week was O Weeks for some Australian Universities, including mine. Orientation I'll have to say is a terrifying thing. I'm currently studying a double degree which is the Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Before you ask, no Criminology isn't like crime scene investigations! That's forensic science. As I'm doing a double degree I had two orientation days one for Law and the other for Criminology. The first day of Orientation was absolutely terrifying. I wasn't nervous to be going to O week or anything but Market Day (a day in which all the clubs and other organisations associated with the university give out information and you can sign up for stuff) was on the first day that I had my Law orientation and there was so many people. I walked down a pathway because I was looking for the theatre and people were just giving me information bags and asking if I wanted to play games and it was so scary. As a person that has struggled with anxiety - sometimes extreme anxiety but I do have it under control now - I was really scared and I had no idea what to do. I decided to go to the stalls that I had an interest in and pick up information and sign up for clubs which I think was a good idea on my part. After all that chaos I headed to the theatre because I finally found it amongst all of the people and we had a seminar on what the course was like and how to sign up for the Law Society. We were then split up into groups and had a campus tour and THANK THE LORD, I would have never been able to find the seminar rooms for my tutorials if they didn't do that. Then they had a free lunch but I was kind of uncomfortable so I went home after half an hour as after lunch the day was over.

 The second day was the Criminology orientation which is on another campus but that one is a lot smaller. The day went pretty much the same except when they split us up into little groups - the groups were named by serial killer by the way - we had a little meet and greet thing. I ended up getting along with a lot of the people who won't be doing the same Criminology classes that I'm doing so that's always a good time. After that there was another free but the space was a lot bigger so I felt a bit better about the amount of people there. I got a chicken burger but they put the biggest piece of chicken on that burger I was curious as who likes to eat this much chicken in one bloody sitting? All in all I think Orientation went well, I learned a bit about the courses and had answers to questions that I had so I think it was a success. 

On Thursday I started my first shift of work which is on uni campus so that's really handy! I think I did well but it is a food place so there was a big rush at 10:30am when I just started learning the register and it was pretty hectic! I ended up getting the hang of it though and did pretty well in my second shift on Friday! I'm pretty excited about work I feel like a lot of things in my life are finally falling into place. 

Now I get the weekend to relax and catch up on blogs and youtube before starting my actual uni classes on Monday. 
How was your week? 

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  1. My week? I'm doing first chapter of my thesis.. :/ Good that you have the weekend to relax! :))