Monday, 2 December 2013

Children & University | December 2nd 2013

Today is a non-beauty related post because I still want to blog everyday but today I have been quite preoccupied. One of my friends has gone into labour. Which, I think, terrifies me more than it terrifies her. She seems so calm and collected about everything and I don't know how she can cope with it! The baby should be here at some point tonight which is very exciting so I'm going to bed early so I can meet her baby tomorrow hopefully. It's so strange how seemingly quick it is for somebody to create life and then bring it into the world. My sister is pregnant too so I'm going to be surrounded by baby girls come February but it's so scary. It's a human being that you have to create and then help raise into the kind of human being that people appreciate and love who is nice and caring to everyone. It's so terrifying to me and I'm not pregnant haha. 

Another exciting thing that happens in life is University. For me - University has been something I've been striving for since I was 13. It hasn't been easy or "traditional" for me because I've had a few troubles throughout my adolescent. I refused to go to school for a few years because of depression - which I'm not ashamed of any more because it's a part of me and it's something that I can now deal with. It's also something I could never control and it's like any other disease, you gotta treat it! - and when I went back I was really far behind so I ended up going to TAFE after high school which was a lot of fun but I'm graduating now and I get to do the whole "university" thang. I think I'm lucky because things could have never gotten better for me, I mean I worked for it I really did but I'm so excited to get far into life because I didn't think I would ever turn 19. I'm studying the Bachelor of Law/the Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice as a double degree and I'm so excited. I absolutely love learning. It's a five year degree but I'm going to plan on travelling every summer and then working my butt off during the school semesters. I'm also excited about meeting a whole lot of new people that want to do the same thing I do.

So this is my ranty-personal post-thing where I shared a lot probably too much but.. I'm tired, I've been waiting for a child to be born all day!

What are you excited for?



  1. You think you're surrounded my babies - in September I knew 10 people who were pregnant! 3 have had theirs now but I am still waiting on the others, With all my friends have babies there is defiantly no hurry for me to pop one out! x

  2. That's a lot of people haha. She is my first friend to have a baby so far! It's really exciting but also terrifying hearing about labour and stuff.