Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Two New Obsessions | December 10th


Time is going really fast and it never really occurred to me how much actually goes into daily blog posts. I mean I know you gotta have an idea but this is my 10th blog post and I'm starting to talk about my obsessions and less beauty-related-stuff. I will have more beauty posts but I think I will do beauty every second day while I'm posting everyday because my brain isn't a never ending source of beauty reviews and hauls and tricks and tips. Although I will do an everyday make up post thing soon when I wax my eyebrows. 

But anyway, my two new found obsessions are Jelly Splash (By obsession I mean I'm on level 70 and I started playing 4 days ago), I also have fallen in love with Scandal. I'm a  bit late on that band wagon but man. It's pretty good. Although I really hate Cyrus and what makes it worse is he won't go and adopt a baby with his boyfriend/husband/I'mNotSure. HE WANTS A BABY, GIVE IT TO HIM DAMMIT. 

In regards to Sephora stopping parcel forwarding, I don't understand their reasoning. Honestly, just ship to Australia. They'd make a lot of money from us. Stopping international buyers is a really poor business decision in my eyes. 

What are you obsessing about at the moment?

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