Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award | December 4th


Thank you to thatgracegirl who has nominated me for the 'Very Inspiring Blogger' award, she has a lovely blog which you should check out! For this you need to state facts about yourself and then tag 10 people who you think is an inspiring blogger (I probably won't tag that many people).

  1. I've had an extreme case of addiction to vloggers on youtube since I was 11. I used to wait an hour for a 50 second video because we had dial-up.

  2. I've been playing the Sims games since I was 9, it was one of the first things I ever did on a computer. I used to wake up at 4am so I could play for 4 hours before school started.

  3. I was born in New Zealand but recently became an Australian citizen although I lived in Australia for half of my life and New Zealand the other half.

  4. Will Grayson, Will Grayson is one of my favourite books and I got to meet one of the authors David Levithan when I was 16 and it kind of made my whole year.

  5. I get sad every Christmas because it always dawns on me that we're not going to have a white Christmas we're going to have a heat wave for a Christmas.

  6. I spent more time in the library during High School than I did in class.. (I went to one of those "modern" schools and we were basically allowed to do whatever we wanted..)

  7. I start university in February 2014 and I couldn't be more excited!

The people I nominate are:

Eat Read Glam

Tried and Tested Blog

Lemon Mel

(A few of the other people I wanted to tag have already done it so that will be it for now I hope you have a great 4th of December!)


  1. Thanks for nominating me :) do you still play the Sims? I was up until midnight playing it last night....oops.

  2. Yeah I do just not as much because I don't have a computer that supports it completely. I mean, I try and make it work but there is a lot of glitching haha. Yeah, time goes so fast when you're on the sims it's crazy!

  3. It does! Yeah I've not played it in about 4 years because I didn't have a PC that would run it but then on Saturday I saw EA were having a really good sale for The Sims 3 + 2 expansions for £15 and I couldn't say no could I?
    Even my Mac seems to struggle and I can hear the fan working and I've never heard the fan working on this before so it worries me that it may blow up...

  4. It does work a lot better on windows I think I've heard a lot of troubles about mac users with the sims 3. We had a pretty similar deal too! I got the sims university for $19 but went halves with my sister so I only paid $9.50. It was a good bargain. We have most of the others, well the ones we think are necessary.. and I do not think the future is necessary. It's a harsh game for any computer to play unless you want to invest in an alienware computer then I think you may encounter a few glithces and things. The game is worth it though. Best game ever.

  5. congratulations girl ! you have such an amazing blog ! xx