Sunday, 8 December 2013

Maybelline Super Stay Concealer & Powder | Review | December 9th

ImageA while ago I purchased the Maybelline Super Stay Concealer and Powder. I didn't bother with the liquid because it doesn't have a pump. It's 2013, you'd think all liquid foundations would have pumps by now. This is a relatively new collection in Priceline so I thought I would give it a go. The whole "waterproof" label is what made me want to buy it especially for the summer. As you know, I live in Queensland, Australia, it gets so humid and hot - sometimes it feels like my face is raining sweat. So I thought I would give this a try so here is my review on it.

The concealer costed $14.95 and the powder costed $18.95. These are just standard prices here but I do think the concealer is in weird packaging. 



The concealer is very thick, the picture above is just me slightly dabbing the product onto my hand. It's too thick in my opinion, especially because the tiniest bit when I try to blend it it kind of gets all over a really large area of my face and if I don't blend it all around it just kind of won't blend. As it thins the colour gets really light and it's way too light for my face, although on my hand it looked pretty similar to my foundation. 

I don't like it, it's too thick and it doesn't cover blemishes for very long at all. 



I really don't like this powder. This is a bit of a negative post but I feel like I tell you guys what you should buy so I think I should do one of something you should not buy. This powder feels actually really nice if you just rub your finger in it. So if you were buying a powder because it has a pleasant texture for your finger then this one is a good one. After a while after I've applied this all over my face it starts to look like you've only applied it in certain spots and it becomes an orangey colour as well after a while. I don't like it and neither of these two products are waterproof at all. They're just kind of thick and clay-like which I really do not like.

So that's my opinion on these two products - Have you tried them and did you have a different experience than I did with them? 


  1. Too bad about the powder. I'm always so bummed when products are a fail.

  2. Me too! I generally expect a lot from Maybelline because they generally don't fail me.