Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Paw Paw Lip Balm Review | December 11th


My mum bought me this lip balm a week or two ago because the weather was acting crazy and it was quite cold at nights last week so my lips were confused and chapped. It's not cold any more. The cold has gone. Forever. (Until probably March or April.) I had to get a new one because my Nivea one ran away. I don't know where it went. 

First thing about this lip balm I fell in love with was the smell. It smells so delicious. There are these lollies by Starburst and it smells like those but a little more natural than that. I guess it smells like paw paw but I don't really associate with paw paw that much. Or ever. Aside from the smell this did wonders for my lips. They were smooth within a day of first using it. It's also really good because it's a natural balm, which is usually better for you, or so I've heard. Another thing I think would look really nice is if you applied a matte lipstick onto your lips and then put this over the top I think it'd look really nice because it has a "hint of gloss." Your lips would also appreciate the layer of moisture. 

Overall this lip balm is great. I wish they had a body wash with this scent as well because oh my, I would die for it. Sometimes I sit here and sniff it. I probably sound like a complete whack job right now but it smells great. Also it's an Australian company so, feeding the economy of the country that I recently became a citizen of is probably a plus. 

What lip balms have you recently tried and fell in love with?

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